Market For PCs Is Nosediving For Fifth Straight Year

The good news: if you’re in the market for a new PC, you might be seeing some sweet deals start to head your way. The bad news: if you’re the maker of PCs the demand for your product is consistently falling.

There have been two separate estimates as to the sales of personal computers over the Fourth Quarter of 2016, and they both show the same result. People aren’t buying PCs. And while a drop of between 1.6 and 3.7% may not sound like a big deal, consider that this following a steady decline over the past five years.

To put that in perspective total PC sales in 2011 tallied around 365-million systems sold. By 2016, that number has fallen to 269.7-million systems. Now, 269-million is nothing to sneeze at, but a 100-million-unit drop is enough to make anyone nervous. Why is it happening? Tech. While there’ve been major (and impressive) advances in laptop and mobile markets, PCs have just sorta laid there. The Consumer Electronics Show featured some great new stuff, but only time and demand will show how much attention the public will pay.

Source: Uber Gizmo