Good News: A Delivery Service You Can Trust

Good News

After a Cedar Rapids, Iowa hospital told Scotty Abram and his expectant wife, Cassy, that their son wasn’t ready to make his appearance yet, the couple returned home. But they were only there for a few minutes before Scotty was delivering their baby, Scotty Jr., in their living room while they waited for first responders to arrive.

When EMTs arrived, they let the dad cut baby Scotty’s umbilical cord and they got mama and baby ready to head to the hospital. Firefighters from the Cedar Rapids Fire Department were also on hand and when the whole impromptu home birth was under control, they found another way to be helpful to the family.

When mom and baby were being wheeled out to leave for the hospital, they spotted the firemen shoveling the long driveway. It wasn’t easy to shovel all that snow and it definitely wasn’t their job, but they were out there anyway. The department shared a photo of the hard working firefighters in a Facebook post, with the caption, “The weather is cold, but this should warm your heart.”

Good News: A Delivery Service You Can Trust