Pit Bull Rescued From Dog Fighting Ring Gets A Second Chance

Pit Bull Rescued From Dog Fighting Ring Gets A Second Chance

Cuddles the pit bull was rescued from a dog fighting ring with 20 other dogs in Canada back in 2015 and that got her out of immediate danger, but at the SPCA, an evaluator recommended having all 21 of them put down because they were too dangerous to be “re-homed.” But animal advocates didn’t stop fighting for the Ontario 21, as the group of pit bulls was called, and after a two-year legal battle, they won approval to have the dogs reassessed by a third party.

Jim Crosby, a retired police lieutenant from Florida, who’s spent his retirement years studying dog behavior, especially aggression in dogs. He has advanced degrees and credentials and with his understanding of dog behavior, aggression and rehabilitation, he looked to see if these dogs could respond to training and a caring relationship with a person. He cleared all but two of the dogs and Cuddles was one of them.

Cuddles then went to training in the TAILS (Teaching Animals and Inmates Life Skills) prison program and worked with an inmate learning obedience and becoming socialized. Her death sentence turned into a second chance and she excelled in her training. Now Cuddles is a companion to retired firefighter and veteran Billy Brauer and the pair have become best buddies. He says she’s happy to have a loving home, she gives kisses and high fives, and her tail is always wagging now.