The 20 Best Places To Visit in 2019

The 20 Best Places To Visit in 2019

There are a lot of people out there already planning their vacations for the rest of the year. And while many of us will go to the same vacation destination year after year, there are others who like to explore something different. Well, if you are one of those people and you’re looking for some ideas, “Money” magazine is here to help.

The mag just came out with their list of the 20 Best Places to Go To in 2019, which consists of destinations both in the U.S. and internationally that deliver the highest value for your dollar. They’ve even come up with an estimated cost for a visit, which includes average airfare,rooms, plus local transportation, meals, and activities for two. Domestic trips are averaged for three days, while international trips are for a week.

If you’re someone who doesn’t like to travel outside the U.S., the mag recommends Jekyll Island, Georgia as their top pick, where the cost of a three-night stay for two people will set you back around $1,874. “Money” calls the area a “tucked away gem” great for both beach and nature lovers. Plus it’s only a half-hour away from Savannah and an hour from Florida beaches. 

Top Ten U.S. Places To Visit In 2018
(cost for three days)

  1. Jekyll Island, GA ($1,874)
  2. Ponce Inlet, FL ($1,481)
  3. Las Cruces, NM ($1.578)
  4. Stowe, VT ($2,209)
  5. San Antonio, TX ($1,729)
  6. Sag Harbor, NY ($2,002)
  7. Los Angeles, CA ($1,971)
  8. Cincinnati, OH ($1,575)
  9. St. George, UT ($1,739)
  10. Mystic, CT ($1,841)


If you’re travel interests are more international, “Money” recommends Meknes, Morocco, where a week’s vacation for two will only set you back $2,639. The mag says while it’s “overshadowed” by Casablanca and Marrakesh, that’s what makes Meknes special, noting it “feels more laid-back, in a good way.

Top Ten International Places To Visit In 2018
(cost for a week)

  1. Meknes, Morocco ($2,639)
  2. Cozumel, Mexico ($2,593)
  3. Havana, Cuba ($2,382)
  4. Montreal, Canada ($2,962)
  5. Nanjing, China ($2,817)
  6. Monteverde, Costa Rica ($2,636)
  7. Medellín, Colombia ($2,208)
  8. Crete, Greece ($4,301)
  9. Prague, Czech Republic ($3,542)
  10. Tainan, Taiwan ($3,271)