Tom Hanks’ Grandkids Don’t Know He’s Famous

Tom Hanks’ Grandkids Don’t Know He’s Famous

Tom Hanks is Tom-freaking-Hanks to most of us. But to some other? He’s just ‘grandpa Tom.’ In a new interview, Colin Hanks has revealed that his daughters don’t know (or care) that their grandpa is super famous.

Speaking to Us Weekly, Hanks says that his daughters, 8-year-old Olivia and 5-year-old Charlotte, “don’t care at all.” “[Their time with their grandpa] is like every other playdate with a grandparent,” he jokes. “The grandparent gives them stuff they shouldn’t be having, and the grandparents don’t listen to what the parents are saying they should be doing.”

That goes the same when it comes to their own dad, too, although Hanks notes that he reminds them how “cool” he is “every day.” “Children are great humblers, they don’t care what you do [or] what you have done,” he adds. “They just want to do their kid stuff.”