Life is Like a Box of…. Donuts!

Life is Like a Box of…. Donuts!

Valentine’s Day is coming up next month, and before you go out looking for the perfect gift well we’ve got an idea for you- Do you love your partner or spouse? Are they “light of your life”? Do they bring a lot to the table? Well there’s several time-old traditions you go through-

Flowers are the usual bouquet item- grab ’em, trim them, throw them into a cone-thing and you’re good! Well this year why not try yourself something new…

Try a Donut Bouquet!!

The best way to fill up your loves heart… and stomach! The bouquet comes with a mix of pink-colored white chocolate, regular white chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate-covered donuts decorated with drizzle and tiny heart sprinkles. They’re all on sticks and wrapped up like flowers, but way better because you get to eat these.