Household Items to Ditch Before You Hit 30!


It feels like last weekend I was just at Pi-Phi downing a couple shots of something that resembled lemons and now my back hurts. It’s these things that are a coming-of-age story; our teens were filled with cracking voices and adulting is all about taxes and cracking backs. Who would’ve thought. Other stuff comes to mind as a kind of right of passage- what it really means to “grow up” and part of that is relieving yourself of those tokens that may be deemed more adolescent!

Here’s a few things that you may need to get rid of to make your home feel a little more… grown

Cheap, wire clothes hangers

When you start buying quality clothing over fast fashion you’ll only wear once, you’ll want to invest in quality plastic, metal, or wooden hangers and ditch the thin wire ones





A collection of shot glasses

You probably don’t need half a dozen shot glasses in your cabinet anymore, so keep a couple and let the rest go.



College textbooks



There’s nothing wrong with keeping a few books, especially if you’re working in the field you studied, but do you really t

hink you’ll crack open your Biology book from freshman year?


Clothes that don’t fit

Go ahead and get rid of any clothes that have holes, stains, and so much wear and tear that you can’t wear them anymore while you’re at it.


Old, unused bedding

Still have those extra long twin sheets from your dorm room days? Time to donate them if they’re still in good shape.





A bunch of novelty mugs in the kitchen

This one, we don’t agree with… Keep all the mugs ya want, you gotta stay young some how!



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