Good Vibes | Plane Passengers Help Dad Get To Twins’ Father-Daughter Dance

A dad rushing to make it home for his twins’ father-daughter dance after a nightmare day of travel got there, thanks to the kindness of strangers. Mike Good was flying from Nashville home to Charlotte, but bad weather caused delays and cancellations. American Airlines tried getting him on an earlier flight and in the process he lost his assigned seat on his originally scheduled flight. So when it turned out that plane would take off after all, the 45-year-old ended up in the very last available spot in the back row of the plane.


It seemed that all was at a loss- He mentioned to a flight attendant that he was going to be in the doghouse for missing the dance with his seven-year-old twins, Lucy and Emily. When the plane landed, that flight attendant asked everyone if they would let Mike off first so he could make it, and they did! He says he was shocked they all stayed in their seats and thanked everyone as he ran down the aisle. Sometimes it helps to just be a good group of people!