Ridiculous Reasons to Dump Someone!

There are all kinds of reasons why people decide to end relationships, and while some are as simple as having no chemistry, other reasons can seem a bit out there to other people.

Well, now a new thread on the anonymous Whisper app has folks revealing the ridiculous reasons they’ve dumped someone and some of them have left us shaking our heads, while others are totally understandable.



  • “He had to consult his twin sister before we could make any decisions. He always took her side. It was so annoying and unattractive.”
  • “He had to set a reminder on his phone to brush his teeth and he still barely did. So gross…”
  • “I dumped this dude for being totally obsessed with his car. To the point where he’d whine about being broke, they buy some stupid new gadgets for his car. He was too cheap to do anything with me though.”
  • “I once broke it off because she sent smiley emojis when we texted and I hated it.”
  • “I feel bad but I broke up with him because he had braces and it hurt to kiss him. I didn’t care how they looked though.”
  • “My ex said he loved me after three weeks – he had to go.”
  • “Call me petty but he was a bad texter. He displayed no emotions and it also took him hours, if not days, to get back to me.”
  • “I couldn’t handle how much he sweated. Couldn’t make out or be intimate without getting covered in sweat. It really grossed me out.”
  • “She was bad at cuddling. This is a HUGE deal breaker for me. Plus, it’s not hard. How are you bad at this?”
  • “He constantly burped…and didn’t say excuse me. It’s gross enough but at least be polite.”
  • “He used an exclamation point with every sentence. Who does that?”