What’s Justin Timberlakes Favorite Girl Scout Cookie?

When it comes to Girl Scout cookies, everyone has a favorite. And Justin Timberlake started a heated social media debate over the weekend by asking his followers to choose the best Girl Scout cookie: Samoas or Thin Mints.

In his post, the singer first samples both classic flavors on camera before weighing in with his choice. “Samoas. I mean, I love coconut,” Timberlake reveals. “Samoas are my tip-top.”

He then challenges his followers to share their opinions by double tapping for double Samoas – Justin likes to eat two cookies at a time – or commenting for Thin Mints. His post has received over 700-thousand likes and over 18-thousand comments, but that doesn’t necessarily declare victory for Samoas since some comments voted for cookies that weren’t included in the poll, like S’mores.