Chris Hansen Charged With Harassment By Fired Producer

Longtime “To Catch A Predator” host Chris Hansen has spoken out about reports that he’s been hit with a harassment charge. Hansen is calling it “nonsense,” claiming on the contrary that it’s just his ex-producer trying to harass him.

For context, Hansen has been back in the public eye with a new project, his own YouTube channel “Have A Seat with Chris Hansen,” where he’s been investigating allegations against controversial YouTuber Onision. Hansen recently canned his producer for the online show, Vincent Nicotra, after multiple fans complained of “things he said and did” that Hansen says he “could not condone” – including alleged targeted harassment, racism and homophobia.

While Hansen is the one reportedly charged with harassment, he says it’s just the latest route Nicotra has used to get under his skin. He claims that before the harassment charge, Nicotra had created multiple websites in Hansen’s name and using his image to harass the TV veteran “and others.” Check out Hansen’s statement to the right.