Discontinued Snacks From The ‘80s & ‘90s That Are Back

It’s always a bummer when a company stops making one of your favorite foods, but every once in a while you get lucky and they make a comeback. That’s exactly what happened with these discontinued childhood snacks from the ‘80s, ‘90s, and ‘00s that you thought you’d never get to eat again, but now they’re back.

  • Cheez Balls – These were discontinued in 2005, but Planters finally brought them back in 2018.
  • Dunkaroos – After disappearing in the early 2010s, these kid-favorites are returning this summer.
  • Eggo Cereal – People loved these mini waffles in a bowl when they debuted in 2006, but they were discontinued in 2012. Well, now Kellogg’s has fixed that and they’re back on shelves.
  • French Toast Crunch – This cereal was introduced back in 1995 and was sadly discontinued in 2006, but it’s been back on shelves since 2014.
  • Mother’s Circus Animal Cookies – These white and pink frosted animal cookies briefly disappeared from stores in 2008, but after the original company closed, Kellogg’s bought the brand and re-released the childhood treats.
  • Oreo O’s – Another beloved cereal, these were around until 2007 and after a 10-year absence, they were back in 2017.
  • Quaker Dinosaur Eggs – A lot of people think this instant oatmeal was discontinued, but it’s not actually true. The sister product, Quaker’s Safari Animals oatmeal is no longer available, but you can still get the Dinosaur Eggs variety.

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