St. Lawrence County Public Health Recommends Social Distancing

So why social distancing and what does it mean? “Our healthcare system does not have the capacity
should we have a substantial outbreak of COVID-19. We need to act. We need to act now and fast.
Without a vaccine, these strategies are what we have, and they have worked in the past” said Dana
McGuire, Public Health Director for St. Lawrence County.

Social distancing is a community level nonpharmaceutical intervention, or NPI, a first line of defense in the early stages of a pandemic. “Now is the
time to avoid public spaces and limit moving about. We should all stay home more often and keep our
distance from others.” By implementing social distancing, we can:

1. Delay the number of confirmed cases we see in St. Lawrence County.

2. Reduce the peak number of cases in St. Lawrence County thereby reducing the demand and
burden on our hospitals and healthcare system.

3. Decrease the total number of overall cases and the health effects.
Social distancing measures can be implemented in a variety of community settings such as schools,
workplaces, and public places where people gather (parks, religious institutions, theaters, and sports

Recommended strategies include:

1. Increase the distance between you and others to at least 6 feet.
2. Limit face to face meetings and appointments: consider email, phone, and/or online encounters
3. Modify, postpone, or cancel activities and events: consider group size and target audiences.
Reduce the number of people at each offering and think about high risk populations that may be
4. Alter work environments and schedules: consider telework options, staggering schedules,
arranging offices for increased spacing, limiting open hours, and offering open by appointment
5. Consider the necessity of going out: Do you need to? What essentials are needed? Can it wait?