Social Media & Selfies Affecting People’s Body Image

These days most folks live their lives on social media, with many people constantly posting photos and selfies. But all that picture sharing isn’t making people feel any better about themselves. 

According to a new British study, which could easily translate here:

  • A third of adults say social media has had a negative affect on their body image.
  • It’s gotten so bad that one in eight women say they refuse to post any candid photos of themselves.
  • Instead, lots of people go to great lengths to post the best picture possible.
  • 28% admit to editing their pictures, with a fifth saying they do so to fit in with everyone else who is re-touching their photos.
  • 10% edit photos to remove perceived flaws, while 18% do it to show their “best self” online.
  • Editing is so pervasive, that 22% of people believe that less than 5% of their posts are candid.

And editing photos aren’t the only ways folks try to look perfect online.

  • A third say they experiment with angles to find the one that’s most flattering.
  • 28% experiment with lighting for the same reason..
  • 10% will time their selfies to get that perfect “golden hour” shot before after sunrise or before sunset.
  • The average person will spend 20 minutes taking photos before finding an image to edit and post.
  • 40% will only share a photo if they believe it is “social media ready.”
  • 30% of people have actually considered some sort of cosmetic procedure to look like their edited photos.