Norman Reedus Opens A Pop-Up Grocery Store

Norman Reedusand Greg Nicoteromay star in “The Walking Dead,” but they’re doing their part to help the living. The two opened up a pop-up grocery store in Senoia, Georgia.

Here’s a tip: Looking to do something similar or to donate? Bring food to one of your local food pantries at the following link to help your community 

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The store is operating out of their Nic & Norman’s restaurant in the Georgia town where the show films. It’s stocked with hard-to-find items like sanitizer and toilet paper. “Senoia has done a lot for ‘The Walking Dead’ and so we are really looking forward to supporting the community with our little pop-up grocery store,” Nicotero, the show’s special effects creator and executive producer, explained.

Norman, whose character Daryl Dixon is the ultimate virus survivor in the zombie apocalypse, said, “It’s a way to keep our employees employed and doing something good for the town that’s been so good for us.”

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