College Student Makes Face Masks For Deaf And Hard of Hearing

Lots of people across the country are setting up their sewing machines to make face masks these days, including college senior Ashley Lawrence. She’s studying education for the deaf and hard of hearing at Eastern Kentucky University and she realized that community was being overlooked. So she designed and is creating masks with them in mind.

Lawrence is putting her craft skills to work by making face masks for those who use speech reading and lip reading, so they have a clear plastic window over the mouth. She’s also trying different options to fit around cochlear implants and hearing aids. And the best part? She’s giving them away for free!

“I’m not charging anything for them because I think that if you need them, then you need them and I don’t think that you should have to pay for them,” Lawrence said.

She is accepting donations for the cost of materials on her GoFundMe page.