Mental health and addiction treatment available from St. Lawrence County clinics by phone

St. Lawrence County Community Services continues to provide telepractice/telephonic mental health and addiction treatment services to area residents during the COVID-19 Crisis.

Telepractice is the use of two-way real-time interactive audio and video equipment to provide and support mental health and chemical dependency services at a distance.

County Clinics have made provisions for people to continue treatment via home-based access to Telepractice Services using their smart device.

Individuals who do not have smart devices are able to receive services telephonically.

Both services play a valuable role when on-site services are delayed or are not available. Telepractice/Telephonic services can improve access to care, offer more immediate treatment, as well as improve treatment attendance and coordination of care.

During the current COVID-19 Pandemic, when individuals’ travel is limited, providing remote electronic services have enabled our counselors to continue supporting people individually and in groups. St. Lawrence County Community Services is providing new client appointments during the COVID -19 Pandemic through Telemedicine/Telephonic services as well.

Mental health and Chemical Dependency conditions are by nature isolating. Our goal is to keep people connected and supported during these difficult and challenging times.

To make an appointment for Chemical Dependency services please call 315-386-2189; for Mental Health Services please call 315-386-2167.