Brits’ Marathon Challenges Raise Millions For Charity

The London Marathon didn’t happen because of the coronavirus lockdown, but that didn’t stop many of those who were going to take part from raising money for U.K. charities. Through the 2.6 Challenge, Brits raised more than $5.7-million for their chosen causes by biking, swimming and running around their homes and yards.

Participants chose any physical activity related to the numbers 2.6 or 26 – the number of miles in a marathon as well as the date the London Marathon was supposed to happen. The Montlake family actually walked a full marathon on their 11-foot balcony. Ruth, 87, Charles, 58, Deborah, 57, and James, 31, spent ten hours doing 4-thousand laps to raise money for cancer research.

Actor and comedian Stephen Fry got in on the giving by attempting to use a cricket bat to hit a ball into the air 26 times in a row. He’s going to auction the bat – which is signed by members of the England cricket team – for charity.

Source: New York Post