Easy Microwave Meals To Get You Through Quarantine!

Easy on the wallet and quick?? What are you waiting for?

Microwave Mac and Cheese

This made-from-scratch mac and cheese is the ultimate comfort food in a bowl – and you don’t have to boil the macaroni or heat the cheese sauce separately. We’re not kidding! Boasting a creamy blend of American and Jack cheeses, this smooth and tangy recipe simply requires a quick nuke in the microwave. Bon appetit!

Corn on the Cob

Don’t have time to break out the BBQ or hover over a grill? Pop all your corn cobs in the microwave and heat on high for three to four minutes – they’ll come out so perfectly sweet and crunchy, your family will be none the wiser. Add a little Mexican flair to this side dish staple with a homemade ancho chile rub or queso fresco cheese.

Make-it-Don’t-Buy-it Frozen Vegetarian Burritos

If you’ve got some extra time on your hands, this scrumptious recipe is the ideal meal-prep go-to. Not only can you make a batch in advance, but they freeze like a dream. So whenever you’re craving a wrap, simply cover your frozen burrito in parchment paper and nuke on high in the microwave for four to five minutes.

Poached Eggs

We totally get it: poached eggs can be the bane of your existence. Why do they come out perfectly only once in awhile? To save yourself time, grab a microwave-friendly cup or small bowl and gently crack an egg, submerging it in water. Cover and nuke on high for roughly one minute (or until the whites are set). It’s a miracle! Now you can indulge in that avocado toast and poached egg breakfast you’ve always wanted.



Say goodbye to time spent waiting for your pot to boil. If you’ve got a hankering for a hearty helping of pasta, grab a microwave-safe bowl, your favourite pasta shape and just enough water to cover all the noodles. Check the packaging for estimated cooking times and tack on an additional three to four minutes for good measure. Once it’s done, simply drain the water and top with your favourite sauce.

Stuffed Potatoes

Potatoes make for one of the easiest and most delicious side dish staples – but they can also be time-consuming. Shorten the cooking time by giving them a head start in the microwave. Submerge them in water and heat on high for four to five minutes until you can easily poke a knife through. Then pop them on the grill for a crispy crunch. You can also enjoy straight from the microwave with some of your favourite toppings.