Homeschooling Has Given Parents A New Respect For Teachers

Now that parents have been stuck at home trying to teach their kids, many are realizing just how important teachers really are, and many think they aren’t getting the credit they deserve. 

A new survey finds:

  • 70% of parents say being a teacher is harder than their current job.
  • 80% now have a new respect for teachers.
  • After spending all day with their kids, 77% of parents think educators deserve a raise.

Of course, teaching kids at home during quarantine is harder for most parents because they are also dealing with the responsibilities of their own jobs.

  • Half of parents teaching their kids are also working form home.
  • 70% of those working from home say keeping their children occupied is having a negative effect on their job performance.
  • 75% say it’s “overwhelming” trying to balance their job and their children’s education.
  • 75% are worried their kids will fall behind the longer they stay out of the classroom.

So, what are parents doing to teach their kids and keep them occupied?

  • 66% are relying on workbooks and worksheets.
  • 61% are letting them watch educational TV shows.
  • 56% have them video conference with their teacher.
  • 49% are reading aloud.
  • 37% are using flashcards.
  • 37% are letting them play games on a tablet or mobile device.

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