After Finding & Turning In $135K, 19-Year-Old Offered Police Job

A teen in New Mexico is finding out that being honest pays after he received a potential job offer for doing the right thing. José Nuñez Romaniz found a bag with $135-thousand cash in it at a Wells Fargo ATM and immediately called the number on the ATM and then the police.

The 19-year-old is studying criminal justice at Central New Mexico Community College and hopes to have a career in law enforcement. And that may be happening sooner than he thought because the Albuquerque Police Chief has invited Romaniz to apply for a job as a public safety officer while he’s in school. He was also given a $500 check from PNM, a local utility company, a gift card to a local restaurant, and season tickets to the University of New Mexico Lobos football games for his good deed.


Source: WSVN