Here’s How Americans Are Staying Connected During Lockdown

Just because we’re not able to go out with our friends and family during lockdown, it doesn’t mean we aren’t staying connected. In a new survey, we’re getting a sense of how connected we really are. According to the poll:

  • 84% of Americans believe it’s important to check in on friends and loved ones at least once during the crisis.
  • The most common ways to connect include a text or phone call.
  • Those connections will be lasting, with 70% saying they’ll remember those who checked in with them once things are back to normal.
  • And folks aren’t just connecting with close family and friends.
    • 70% of people have connected with people they haven’t talked to in over a year.
    • 44% are reconnecting with high school friends.
    • 36% are reaching to childhood friends.
  • The average person has actually made six new friends during lockdown thanks to virtual gatherings.
  • 83% of those who made new friends are excited to hang out with them in real life.

Of course a lot of these people are connecting via virtual meetings, which have become pretty common these days.

  • 48% of people say they feel comfortable at virtual gatherings
  • 41% say they attend virtual hangouts because friendship is important right now.

And while virtual gatherings are fun, they can’t replace in person activities. The in-person things they miss most include:

    • Face-to-face interactions (54%)
    • Celebrating big life milestones with friends and family (44%)
    • Hugging others (39%)
    • Having date nights (36%)
    • Going to a local bar with friends (33%)

Source: SWNS Digital