World Situation Has Us Eating More Carbs & Exercising Less

Have you been taking it easy when it comes to working out? You’re not alone. A new poll of two-thousand Americans – who routinely exercise – finds that 65% say they’re taking time off from their fitness routine to “let themselves go a bit” during the pandemic. Remember summer body goals? Yeah, half of those surveyed say they’ve freed themselves from the stress of achieving those for 2020.

Along with easing up on sweat sessions, the poll reveals we’re changing our eating habits during quarantine, too. People admit they’ve been eating more refined carbohydrates, like pastries, white bread, and pasta, but 54% of those surveyed say they’re still making an effort to eat their veggies.

When it comes to exercising, not everyone has become a couch potato, 64% of folks say they’ve tried an at-home workout, but 70% of them don’t think it’s working as well as their pre-pandemic fitness routine. The most popular ways people are staying active include:

  • Outdoor walks 48%
  • Exercise apps 46%
  • Health and exercise websites 44%
  • Live stream workout class 41%
  • Spinning on a stationary bike 41%

Source: People