Ford Donates 200K Face Shields To U.S. Military

Ford Motor Co is donating 200-thousand face shields to the U.S. military. During the pandemic, the automaker stopped making cars for the first time since WWII, but they’ve reconfigured some plants in Michigan to make personal protective equipment and ventilators.

These face shields are constructed from car parts and made by auto workers who volunteered to come back to work for the special project. The shields will go to military bases across the country and around the world, according to Ford. The Defense Department values the face shields at $5 each, so their donation is estimated to be worth $1-million.

“We know that our military has to stand ready to fight, regardless of COVID-19, and we just wanted to make a donation giving back to our service members,” explains Vanessa Benson, Ford’s military ambassador and a retired Army colonel.

Source: Fox News