Dads Adopt Five-Month Over Zoom After Meeting Him In NICU

Chris More and Anthony Lach were hoping to adopt a child, but were expecting to have to wait a long time before becoming fathers. So when they got the call that a baby ready to be adopted had been born across the country in Arizona on New Year’s Eve, they dropped everything and flew from their Orlando home to meet him.

When they arrived, the newborn was in the NICU because he had “a traumatic birth” and an inflamed lung and they were told he was going to be there a while because he was very sick. But Chris and Anthony signed the adoption papers for their son, who they named Parker Terence Lachmore – a combo of their last names – and stayed with him in the NICU. But the baby boy defied the odds and got better quickly, being released after nine days instead of the weeks or months the nurses originally predicted.

Before the proud papas brought Parker home, their friends and family stocked them up with all the baby gear they needed, since they hadn’t been expecting him to arrive when he did. The dads have now formally adopted their son over Zoom and they are delighted. “We live in such a dark time,” Anthony explains, “but there was so much light on that day, it was just amazing.”

Source: Good Morning America