Engineering Students Design & Create Lifesaving Equipment

Growing up, Kentez Craig’s parents – who are both paramedics – instilled the importance of serving your community in him. And now that he’s a graduate student at Georgia Tech’s school of mechanical engineering during the pandemic, he was inspired to do something to help.

Craig and a small team of Georgia Tech faculty and students have spent the last two months working on designs and building protective gear and medical equipment for first responders. They’ve donated thousands of face shields to medical facilities across the country, and have given 200 intubation boxes – which provide a barrier protecting healthcare workers from respiratory droplets when intubating patients – to Atlanta-area hospitals. The face shield design they created has been used to make close to two-million of them.

“I saw nothing better I could do to give back to people like my mom, my dad – who have been working in emergency services – and first responders on the real front lines of this,” Craig explains.

Source: NBC News