High School Seniors Donate Grad Party Money To Hospital

Lots of high school seniors have missed out on the traditions and celebrations they would have gotten to enjoy this year because of the pandemic, but one graduating class in Canada is using their loss to help others. The class of 2020 from A.E. MacNeill Secondary School in Richmond, British Columbia, is donating the money they would have spent on a graduation celebration to a local hospital.

The seniors raised the money with a fashion show they put on back in November, but when their event was canceled, they used it for the act of kindness. One of their teachers, Lauren Valiquette, says they wanted to help front-line workers and took a poll to decide where to give their $2-thousand.

“They understood that with the pandemic and with COVID-19, there could be members of the community that could be sick, so they wanted to keep the money local,” Lauren explains.

Source: Global News