Daughter’s Design Lets Elderly Dad Hug Mom For First Time In Months

George Glass hadn’t been able to hold hands with his wife in months because of coronavirus lockdown, but his daughter has created a solution. Jan Glass has dementia and lives in the Hope Center Memory Care Facility and her family used to visit every day, until they went into quarantine in March. Because of her memory issues, It was hard for Jan to understand why she couldn’t touch her husband of 61 years, so the couple’s daughter, Cindy Shinabarger, came up with a fix.

Cindy has a background in physics and designed a “Safe Hug Window” that allows people to “reach through” a window and touch the other person. It uses special sleeves and disposable gloves and the window is made from a special kind of acrylic that’s 10 times stronger than glass and lighter, so it’s easy to install. Her mother’s center let them try it out because there’s no risk of contamination and residents and their families are loving, especially her parents.

Jan’s facility is still in lockdown, but George is now visiting again and Cindy says no matter what happens “my dad will be there every day holding her hand.”

Source: Good Morning America