This Is The Age Men Start Becoming Their Fathers…

Father’s Day is next weekend, and while some people look up to their dads and want to be just like them, not everyone may agree with that. But, according to new survey, becoming your father may be inevitable.

A new survey finds:

  • 68% of men say they feel more like their father every year.
  • The average man becomes their father at age 37.
  • Traits they get from their dad include:
    • 37% say they take their grilling seriously because of pops.
    • 35% are handy because of skills they learned from dad.
    • 28% are really into corny jokes because of their dad.
    • 25% grunt when getting off the couch.
    • 25% fall asleep on the couch with the game on like their father.
    • 22% mute TV commercials like their father did.
  • When it comes to Father’s Day, the average person plans to spend close to $100, although 10% will spend $200.
  • While most Americans say they’ll be taking dad out for a nice dinner, or getting them some sort of tech for a gift, it turns out that’s not necessarily what they want.
  • Top things dads want for Father’s day include:
    • An ice-cold beer (36%)
    • Juicy steak dinner (35%)
    • Glass of whiskey (31%)
    • Phone call from his family (31%)
    • Peace and quiet (30%)
    • A physical expensive gift (tech, smart phone, etc) (26%)
    • Watch whatever he wants on TV (24%)
    • To be left alone (23%)
    • To sleep in (23%)
    • Sports back on TV (22%)
    • A cheaper practical gift (socks, tools, etc) (21%)

Source: SWNS Digital