Woman Upset Husband Uses Ex’s Name For Password

We know it’s hard to remember all the passwords we use these days, which is why, even though we shouldn’t, a lot of people pick words or names that mean something to them so they are easily remembered. Well, one guy did just that, and it’s not sitting well with his wife, and we can understand why.

A gal recently wrote into “The Guardian’s” Eleanor Gordon-Smith about the big issue she’s having in her relationship. She shares that in the first two years of their relationship she and her husband have had a lot of fights about his ex, but when they got married they seemed to put it past them. That is until recently when she discovered he was using his ex’s name for his password. If that didn’t hurt enough, the woman notes, “when I confronted him, he threatened to abandon me and take some other woman.”

As you can imagine, the woman is “heartbroken,” and asked for advice on what to do. Eleanor suggests she “approach him with total vulnerability about the fears this lays you open to,” adding, “Only you know if your husband will step up.” She encourages the writer not to speak to him like she’s controlling him, but rather really express how she feels. She also notes that while the OP may feel this is a betrayal, the husband may just think of his ex as a relationship that lead him to the place where he’s a fulfilling husband, but of course, there’s no way for the OP to know that unless she really talks to her hubby.

Source: The Guardian