“Merman Mike” Diver Finds & Returns $17K Ring To Owner

A scuba diver who spends a lot of time in the waterways of Northern California recently tracked down a valuable item and got it back to its owner. Mike Pelley calls himself “Merman Mike” and loves looking for lost treasures, so Bill Fitty approached him about locating a “precious” ring he lost in the Sacramento River.

Merman Mike wasn’t sure he’d be successful because of the river’s current, but Fitty knew exactly where he dropped the ring, which he says was given to him by his brother and is worth $17-thousand. And luckily, the merman found it! Fitty was so thrilled, he gave Mike $15-hundred to buy a new metal detector to help with future dives.

“I’m like getting choked up talking about it,” Mike says. “Doing this has brought back the good in humanity in me because everyone I talk to is always so grateful and happy.”

Source: CBS News