Homeless Man Saves Autistic Teen From Creek

A homeless man risked his own safety to save a teenager with autism from drowning. Bobby Mitchell was at Hawthorne Park in Medford, Oregon, at night when he says he heard screams coming from Bear Creek. He sprang into action and ran to help.

Mitchell hopped a fence and found a teenage boy in the water. The teen said he was trying to swim, but the area was full of debris and not swimmable and Mitchell was able to get him out of the creek safely and says getting him to calm down afterwards was the hardest part.

He called 911 and Melissa Mayne, executive director of the Compassion Highway Project, to have her bring clothes and a blanket for the kid. She says paramedics evaluated the teen and cleared him to go home, but it could’ve been a different story if Michell wasn’t there to save him. This hero says, “I’d do it again for anyone else if I had to.”

Source: KTVL