NC Mom Donates Life-Saving Kidney To CA Toddler

A North Carolina mother is being praised as “an angel” for donating her kidney to a child across the country. Paige Flotkoetter says when he heard about 23-month-old Hudson Nash needing a kidney transplant in order to survive, she didn’t think twice about becoming a donor.

Hudson was born with chronic kidney disease and doctors told his parents he would need a transplant before his second birthday. They placed him on the donor list and sent out letters to help with the donor search and that’s how Paige found out because her husband is a distant cousin of the Nash family. She wanted to help, got tested and was a perfect match. The pair just underwent a successful transplant surgery in Los Angeles, giving Hudson a second chance at life.

“People say, ‘Why do you do it?’ and I say, ‘I would want someone to step up for my child,'” Paige says.

Source: People