Brewery Landlord Returns Three Months Of Rent

An Illinois brewery is back open after coronavirus kept their doors closed for months and their landlord helped make it happen. Tammy and Chris Rahn, owners of Stubborn German Brewing Company in Waterloo, have been struggling with the economic impact of the pandemic and did what they could to bring in money, including virtual tastings and a Bourbon yard sale.

The couple even considered asking their landlord, the Waterloo Masonic Lodge, to let them delay paying rent, but decided against it. And then they were blown away when the Masons decided to cut them a break and returned three months of the brewery’s rent payments.

Lodge member Bryan Washausen says the Rahns have always been good tenants and the group wanted to help them out. He explains, “They didn’t ask for it or expect it, so we knew it was the right thing to do.”

Source: KMOV