Fun At Home Activities When It’s Raining

Quarantine can be boring, but among wearing your mask in public and practicing a safe distance of 6 feet, it’s the safest way to tackle COVID-19! It could seem like rainy days can drag things down even farther- that’s where we can help you! There’s never an excuse to have a boring day at home. Here’s how!

Movie/TV Marathon


Maybe you missed it in theaters or Netflix just released your favorite series (anything binge worthy; Avatar: The Last Airbender) and you have the whole day- I mean the whole day, it’s raining! And there’s tons to choose from- The Harry Potter movies, Star Wars, the Star Trek series, the Twilight Zone, Twilight! Even Jeopardy if you feel like getting your trivia on. So hunker down with some hot cocoa (or cold cocoa because, summer) and get watching! 



Make an Idea Map

“Don’t try to control your mind, utilize it” – for some of us staying in doors means or minds pick up the pieces. Stir-crazy can lead to feelings of negativity, so instead of letting your mind guide you down a place of unhappiness (or the lack of motion create stagnation) create an idea map! It could spark from a single word or catch-phrase; something you love, someone you love, something you want to do with your life. Write the word out in the middle of a sheet of paper and write words that relate, or don’t relate, to the starting idea- however you’re feeling. At the end of it you may have learned something about yourself or have a new creation to jump into!

Experiment with Culinary Classics

Of course, this is a loose term- we’re talkin’ ya grilled cheese, ya ramen noodles, ya tomato mac soup. Classics AND the perfect template to test that palette of yours. You want a tomato bisque but your own way? Got some basil- sure thing. BOOM, “bisque” it. You got some boring old Mac n’ Cheese, Bread, and American Slices? BOOM. Grilled Mac n’ Cheese Sandwiches. SPAGHETTI SANDWICHES. The only thing stopping is the constraints of your own imagination. But, why stop there?

Find an Old or New Video Game

The age of the cell phone is a wild time- you’ve got everything from instant communication to instant fun right on-hand. Anytime, anywhere (speaking of, have you downloaded our app yet?). Some of these mobile games have gone down with infamy and some are no longer available to the public- unless you have an old iPod Touch or for some reason you never deleted Flappy Birds from your phone. Of course, you could just dust off that old Super Nintendo or SEGA and dig into some Classics. (Super Mario 3 and Sonic come to mind, respectively) There’s emulators, as well! Searching online can be dangerous so only use verified and well-documented sites. With an emulator you get all of the functionality of your favorite classic game, without any of the hassle- just please, stay away from malware- and do not steal (don’t copy that floppy!)

What do you do on a rainy day at home? Let us know!