Americans Will Smile This Many Times Over The Course Of A Lifetime

While no woman likes to be told by somebody that they need to smile, smiling can go a long way towards not only boosting your mood, but the mood of those around you.

When it comes to smiling, a new survey finds:

  • U.S. adults smile 11 times a day, on average, which translates to 243,309 smiles throughout their lifetime.
  • More than a third of folks say they’ve smiled more as they’ve aged.
  • 30% smile with their mouths closed, while an equal amount show their teeth when they smile.
  • 60% of folks say they’ve been complimented on their smiles.
  • 55% have, at some point in their lives, felt conscious about their smiles.
  • 49% of people believe it’s important, especially right now, to find things to smile about.
  • As for the top things that prompt a smile, they include:
    • Good news (52%)
    • Being with family (41%)
    • Hearing a joke (40%)
    • A compliment from a stranger (36%)
    • Payday (30%)
    • Eating a nice meal (32%)

Meanwhile, two-thirds of Americans say their facial expressions are reflective of their mood, and that doesn’t always warrant a smile.

  • In fact, adults frown, on average, seven times a day and pout four times.
  • That translates to 154,833 frowns over the course of a lifetime, and 88,476 pouts.

Source: SWNS Digital