Friends Cut Hair To Make Custom Wig For Mom With Cancer

In the middle of the pandemic, Dana McSwain was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer that had spread to her lymph nodes. The 36-year-old mom from Charlotte, North Carolina started chemo and soon lost her hair as a result. She was frustrated when she couldn’t find a wig that made her feel like herself and wasn’t too expensive, but thanks to some loving friends, she now has a new one custom made for her.

After McSwain posted about her cancer battle in a local Facebook moms’ group, her pal Carol Daley Cook came up with an idea to make her a wig. She was willing to chop her waist-long hair and asked if others would be willing to donate to pay for the wig and soon strangers and friends offered up money and their own locks to make it happen. They had five women and one seven-year-old girl donate their hair and a week later, Daley Cook delivered the custom wig to McSwain.

“Looking at that wig and seeing the different colors and how it came together and knowing that every strand is something special and from someone special in my life, it was truly amazing,” McSwain says. “It was such an indescribable feeling.”

Source: Good Morning America