Teen’s Rubik’s Cube Skills Raise Money For Those Affected By COVID-19

A teenager in Boulder, Colorado, is putting his unique talent to use to help others in need during the pandemic. Evan Blecher holds the Guinness World Record for fastest time solving a Rubik’s Cube while on a pogo stick. The 14-year-old set the new record with a time of 16.7-seconds on July 20th and now he’s passing his knowledge on.

Evan is sharing his skills with others in an online course, Cubing Away Corona,” that teaches how to solve a Rubik’s Cube in less than three minutes. The program is free, but he takes donations and gives the money to the CDC Foundation and No Kid Hungry, a group that works to get healthy food to kids in need.

“The coronavirus, it’s taken away a lot of lives and a lot of people’s money,” said Blecher. “So this was my way of giving back. Having a course to help people not be as bored and donating to important causes.”

Source: CBS Denver