Homeowner Wakes Up To Find Alligator Swimming In His Pool

In Mobile, Alabama, homeowner Steven McCulland woke up to an unexpected visitor swimming in his backyard pool. That visitor was an alligator.

So Steven did what anyone would do at that moment, he grabbed his cell phone and began recording the gator so he could then post it on social media. In classic Alabama fashion, McCulland is heard saying in the video, “What in the blue blazes is this?” And he told those watching the video: “If you own an alligator and you’re missing one, he in my backyard in my pool. Come get him.”

McCulland says he had no idea how the alligator got into his backyard but he’ll be double-checking now before he enters the pool. The reptile eventually retreated to McCulland’s fence line, and a wildlife agent removed it.

Source: AL.com