Dad Builds Free Desks For Remote Learning Families

Families are having to figure out how to make remote learning work for them and for Marcus Holley, it meant he had to learn something new, too. The father from Omaha, Nebraska, needed desks for his kids and turned to YouTube to learn how to make them. Soon after he built the desks, requests from other families started rolling in and the dad of three decided to put his new skills to use building them.

Holley says he was barely charging enough to cover his supplies when something happened to change everything. He received an anonymous donation of a thousand dollars. Now he’s building desks for families in need and he’s doing it for free.

“Do good, help people,” Holley explains. “I feel like you haven’t lived until you helped somebody.”

GoFundMe has also been set up to help cover the expenses of building desks.

Source: KETV