Salvation Army Opens Remote Learning Center To Help Students

The Guilford County Board of Education in North Carolina has started the school year with remote learning, which has left many families struggling to help their kids learn online. But some of them will be getting some relief thanks to a new program at the Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club in High Point. They’re going to be a remote enrichment center for kids in first through eighth grade and will be able to have between 40 and 80 students there on weekdays.

The program will provide all-day assistance with online school work and the kids will also get to take part in the center’s activities, as well as get breakfast, lunch and a snack. Families who qualify will be able to send their kids for full-day care for up to eight weeks. The Salvation Army center will even take some high school students, which is a relief to parents worried about them being home alone all day.

“The immediate need for child care and assistance with remote learning is overwhelming to working families,” explains Amy Hudson, executive director of the Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club of High Point. “We want to be there to ease these burdens while helping our youth stay focused on their education.

Source: News & Record