Woman Donates 7.5K Pet Oxygen Masks After Saving Dog From Wildfire

Emma Zen was just four months old when firefighters in Southern California rescued the Great Dane/labrador mix from a wildfire. She was adopted by Debra Jo Chiapuzio and she was inspired to help other animals like hers. She decided to start donating special pet oxygen masks to fire departments to help protect animals in her community.

Debra Jo started with giving 17 masks to the fire department in Anaheim, California, but knew other fire stations could benefit from the protective gear for pets. So she started the nonprofit Emma Zen Foundation and has been giving them out ever since. Thanks to many donations, they’ve been able to provide more than 75-hundred pet oxygen masks to firefighters and first responders across the country.

“If I died tomorrow, we left behind — Emma and I — something that means more to me than anything, and that’s the animals on this planet,” Debra Jo explains. “This has been my biggest accomplishment, and I was led there by a dog.”

Source: Today