More Than 15K Students’ Homes Gifted Free Wi-Fi For Online Learning

Getting online for distance learning is going to be a lot easier for students in five school districts now, thanks to T-Mobile. Their Project 10Million is giving five years of free Internet connection to more than 15-thousand students’ homes in these areas: Allegheny Valley, Pennsylvania; Jackson, Mississippi; Baltimore, Maryland; Santa Fe, New Mexico and South Bend, Indiana.

The program is working to close the digital divide, since millions of kids across the country don’t have adequate Internet connectivity to do distance learning. Eventually, their goal is to get free Wi-Fi to 10-million student’s households in the U.S.

“It means a lot to the community–to narrow the gap, for students to have the opportunity to have internet access at home. It’s amazing,” says Shawn Henderson, principal of Riley High School in South Bend. “We’re blessed, thank you.”

Source: Good Morning America