Alaskan Community Helps Families Who Lost Power For A Month

Up in the small village of Newtok, Alaska, people rely on their stocked freezers to feed their families all winter. So when they lost power for a month, many folks lost all their frozen food. Luckily, the community is pitching in to get them the provisions they need.

Newtok’s backup generator failed in late August and power wasn’t restored until the end of September. The village’s Tribal Administrator Andrew John estimates at least 5-thousand pounds of food were lost. Now local hunters and fishermen are hard at work to restock those freezers for the families and donations are coming in from groups including the Food Bank of Alaska and Alaska Commercial Company.

John says the tribe is also planning to give affected residents $500 vouchers with their local store and $1,000 credits with the village’s power company to make up for their losses.

Source: U.S. News