Pro Bowl Will Not Be Played This Season

You know how I keep telling you that COVID has yet to be responsible for one death in the world of professional sports.

Well it looks like I am finally wrong and—the great news is—we are all the better for it.

Because while COVID still, thankfully, has yet to claim a life of a professional athlete, yesterday it ended something—that for the life of me—I can’t understand why is still even a thing.

The NFL Pro Bowl.

The NFL made the announcement yesterday that this season’s Pro Bowl—which had been scheduled for January 31, 2021—will not be played.

The league isn’t officially calling it a cancelation but a “reimagining” of the game which—is insane because I cannot imagine anything worse than that waste of a perfectly good trip to Orlando.

But Pro Bowl rosters will still be voted upon by fans, players and coaches, and virtual activities will recognize the game’s biggest stars. But whatever word you want to use for it, the Pro Bowl will not be played.

Which is good, because many an NFL player has incentive clauses tied to those things.

Source: NBC Sports