Remote Learning Teacher Saves Student’s Grandma Having Stroke

A Michigan elementary school teacher is being recognized for helping to save the life of one of her student’s grandmothers. Julia Koch teaches first grade at Edgewood Elementary School and was talking to one of her virtual student’s grandmothers about a technical issue when she noticed something was wrong.

The tip off? The teacher recognized that Cynthia Phillips’ speech was off and it turns out, she was having a stroke. Koch reached out to school administrators, who called 911 and sent medics to the grandma’s home. Phillips has a long road to recovery, but she says, “If it wasn’t for them getting me the help I needed, I would’ve just not been here.”

Muskegon Heights Fire Chief Chris Dean agrees that there’s no doubt Koch’s help made a critical difference. He says, “I think that this teacher’s actions very well could have saved the woman’s life, and at the least improved the quality of the rest of her life.”

Source: WREG