Servers Surprised With $500 Tip

A group in Omaha, Nebraska, called “Keep Local Alive” knows a lot of small businesses are struggling as a result of the pandemic. So they’re looking out for them and supporting them where it counts – with cash.

Bobby Johnson, creator of the group, reached out to members and asked for donations to be used to pay it forward. He told them, ‘I’m going to find a locally owned, independent restaurant and I’m going to give that entire group of donations to a lucky server.”

This time around, that lucky server was Stephanie Schendt, who works at Stella’s. She was beyond surprised when they left her a $500 tip during a recent shift and could only muster a “No way” when she saw it. And since tips are split at Stella’s, the entire wait staff was excited about the money. Now Stephanie is planning to pay it forward by donating her next big tip. “Kindness can be spread,” she says, “even if it’s one person at a time, you have to start somewhere.”

Source: WOWT