Antonio Brown: I’m Here To Get Back On Track

If you think the uber-competitive wide receiver Antonio Brown can’t wait to get back at all of the teams that passed on him over the past year, well you’re half right.

Because—according to Brown—he can’t wait to get back… on track.

Brown was at his first day of practice with the Buccaneers yesterday and told reporters that getting “back on track” after the off-field issues that contributed to his absence is why he’s in Tampa and that he “took a lot of time off to look within” himself in order to avoid more problems in the future.

“I’ve been spending a lot of time, working on myself, being resilient,” Brown says. “Even when times got hard, staying in shape, not listening to the naysayers, good people around me to stay encouraged. I tried to check every box to make sure I was ready to go.”

That effort involved working with Tony Robbins, who Brown said he met through Tom Brady, and he said he feels like he’s a “better person” as a result of the work he’s been doing. The Bucs are betting on that as well as Brown being the same kind of impact player he was before his extended layoff.

Looks like a man that’s used to helping himself finally got a little self-help.

Source: NBC Sports