Man Runs Solo Marathon To Raise Money For Cancer Research

Sandy Frieberg’s brother, Evan, was a radiologist working in the lab to help cancer patients and then he became one of them. He’s been battling a rare form of cancer for five years and Sandy decided to run the New York City Marathon this year in his honor. When the pandemic canceled his plans, he decided to run a marathon anyway, but solo and in his hometown, Beverly, Massachusetts.

He had never run a marathon before, but he trained and completed the 26.2-miles because he says his brother inspires him. “When I think of my brother, he runs a marathon every day,” Sandy explains. While he was running he gave a shout out to Evan saying, “Every mile is another year you’re going to survive and live this and beat it, love ya bro!”

The solo marathon also helped raise money for Fred’s Team, an organization founded by runner Fred Lebow, who founded the New York City marathon and died of brain cancer at age 62. Donations to them are gifted to Sloan Kettering Memorial Hospital in New York for cancer research and that’s also where Evan is being treated.

Source: WGAL