Senior Living Facility’s Special Tent Allows Long Overdue Hugs

Since COVID hit and restrictions were put in place for visitation at nursing homes and assisted living facilities across the country, residents have been missing their hugs from loved ones. So the Katherine and Charles Hover Green Houses in Longmont, Colorado, set up a special spot to allow folks who live there to embrace friends and family safely.

The senior living facility put up a three-sided tent with clear plastic walls that have arm holes with plastic sleeves. Residents and relatives were able to hug each other risk-free, something they’ve waited about eight months to be able to do.

Carol Braun and her 97-year-old dad, Vince Shryack shared a five-minute embrace and didn’t seem to mind that they were separated by a piece of plastic. “Oh gosh, that was marvelous,” he says of the long-awaited hug. “I just … I couldn’t hold her hard enough, she’s so sweet. It’s just wonderful.”

Source: The Denver Channel